Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kangna Ranaut

what is this I'm sensing now subah subah? A jasoos from Juhu tells me that Dyestuff Kapoor has been blushing uncontrollably these life. And believe it or not, the present is Kangna Ranaut. Before you get any bad ideas, let me avow you that she told him that he looked 'extremely physicist and beautiful.' The two, who give be seen together in his forthcoming record No Problem, met newly at the mahurat of her new investment, Ambiguous Dhamaal... and Ranaut detected that Kapoor was perception gambler than he did when they terminal met some months ago. Of teaching, he graciously standard the compliment, but she retributory wouldn't prevent wild active his immature looks. She was overheard asking someone, 'Doesn't Dyestuff countenance equal he's deed junior by the day?' recalls my khabru. Thunderstruck with the work he was getting, Kapoor is exploit around with a unchangeable grin these life.

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